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Welcome To Riddhis Webpage
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Personal Information:
I am from India, but I live in Canada. I am 5 feet tall. I have brown eyes, Redish brown hair, naturally black hair. I am 15 and go to TCI.
My Hobbies:
I love to talk to new people. I chat on MSN MESSENGER. I Like to cook. I can sing hindi songs really well. I love to listen to music. I like writing.
My Interests:
I am interested in becoming a DOCTOR.
Get very good mark in High School, go to unieristy of Toronto and then study medicine.
About my family and friends:
I live with my parents and I have a little sister, who is in grade 6. I don't have a best friend. But I have many close friends. Some of my close friends are: Theresa (thanks for always being there for me...I love ya theresa), Sam, Kaushika, Amanpreet, Harpreet, Sandy, Koby, William(Billy), Tsion, Belin and there are much more but there is no more room so I am sorry if I didn't mention your names... but i luv ya all